Our Facilities

The Center for Integral Formation (CFI), built by PTTW and a university class project, is a facility that serves as a unique resource center for the university community, offering counseling, special conferences and events, career guidance and social projects. 

Today we are in 8 educational facilities where professors are seeing changes in their students as they teach them how to live. There are many people and many organizations working to improve Honduras, so we aren’t alone, but few are working on the foundation of the country as PTTW is doing. In the future we plan to expand the work to include many more universities and almost all of the grade schools, as well as a radio program that presents these principles throughout the country. Come with us and share your experience with students and professors or Donate to PTTW to help us grab the opportunity to change an entire country.

Professionals to the World has a former CFI facility in San Pedro Sula and has constructed a second in Comayagua.


National Center for the Formation of Values


Original facility in San Pedro Sula