Honduras Trip Report - August 31 to September 8, 2013


Jim Lynn (Architect), Martin Chedid (Financial Planner), John Potts (Engineer) all from Colorado, Mike Guerrero (Businessman) from Los Angeles and Bruce Griffitts (Businessman) from Dallas.

What did we accomplish?

Together we spoke to 500 children, 250 high school students, 50 or more professors and 25 grade school teachers.

The program has brought a lot of interest to the university system. The higher authorities of the system are looking at Comayagua as a model for the entire university system. As we left, Letty told me that she received an invitation from the national university in Choluteca to come and tell them about what is taking place in the university in Comayagua. Choluteca is the national university furthest from Comayagua.

There is still a lot to do but the excitement is growing to teach more than just knowledge in their universities. Many professors who are teaching positive values are seeing significant changes in their students and are hopeful for what this will mean to Honduras.

Our next big step will be to help with the funding of the social project in Comayagua helping disadvantaged school children at the four schools we visited. The project will provide them with meals, school supplies and most important university students will be their mentors.

The professionals that came on this trip shared their lives with young children, high school students, school teachers, university students and professors and the comments I have heard reflect the impact they have made.

Our goal is to change Honduras through those we have impacted and little by little it is happening.

Think about coming on a trip with us. We meet a genuine need in the universities unmet by others and have a lot of fun sharing together. Of course we can use financial help but more importantly we need you to share your experience with the students and professors. You can make a difference. Our next trip will be in March, 2014.

God bless you.


John Potts