Professionals to the World - News

Separation of PTTW and Ministerio Renuevo

Professionals to the World has experienced a significant change in our work in Honduras these last few months. We made the difficult decision to cease working with Ministerio Renuevo (MR) because it became clear that MR and PTTW have different objectives. We believe it will be of mutual advantage to work separately from now on.

Due to increasingly poor relationships between the university administration and MR in San Pedro Sula, we came close to losing our building, the Center of Integral Formation (CFI), on the national university campus. There have been indications that things weren’t right for the past three years, as MR was unable to get as many teaching opportunities for us there.  Because of this scarcity of classes in San Pedro and the promotion of the book on values and principles, we put the brakes on our original objective of taking professionals to teach at the universities.

Formal Signing of Agreement to Construct CFI in Comayagua

I made a special trip to Honduras in May to try to resolve this issue with the CFI in San Pedro Sula , and two significant events took place.  The first was the formal signing of the agreement to continue construction of the new Center for Integral Formation in Comayagua, including the teaching of values and principles.  This very formal meeting, with many of the highest officials in the university system, indicates their enthusiasm for what we are trying to accomplish.

Professionals Wanted to Teach in September!

The second event was a meeting which took place at the national university in Comayagua. This meeting was put together by Oscar Palma, director of the university. He invited the directors of two other universities in Comayagua, the Honduran Air Force Academy, and three technical schools to attend.  His purpose was to discuss plans for the rest of the year and the importance of teaching values in these institutions.  It turned out to be a very good meeting. The result is that they would like us to take professionals in September to conduct seminars for their students. They especially want us to focus on the importance of the right value system in our respective careers. 

The tentative schedule for this trip is Sept 25 to Oct 2, 2011.   If you are interested in coming with us please contact me as soon as possible, so we can begin getting resumes and communicating with these universities about the topics you could present.  How refreshing it is to work with a national university director who shares our vision to change Honduras, and is actually doing something about it!  Believe me; they want to hear from you, because your teaching can help them compete in the modern world.  I also have a very qualified Honduran who will present seminars on his career as a lawyer and journalist, and I hope to have another Honduran who has his own business.

The CFI in San Pedro Sula

As far as resolving the situation with the CFI in San Pedro Sula, I met with the director of the national university there. He appears willing to cooperate with us but it will take some time, possibly until the end of the year. 

PTTW enjoys a good reputation throughout the country because of the commitment of many of you who have shared with students and faculty.  In six years we have spoken to many thousands of students and, increasingly, with more and more professors. In San Pedro Sula alone, an estimated 15,000 students have attended classes taught by American professionals. A great many of these classes took place in the Center of Integral Formation, so it has served us well. 

The Comayagua area, where the director and faculty share and promote our vision, is our model.  These dedicated, enthusiastic people satisfy our desire to work ourselves out of a job, as they take over more and more of the responsibilities themselves.

Come with us in September 2011

As always, we appreciate any financial help but more importantly, we want you to come and share your skills and experience.  What you share is of inestimable value to both students and faculty. As for you, you will return home amazed to realize what a valuable person you are, as many who have come with us can testify.

John Potts