Trip preview – Honduras – Sept 20-Oct 2, 2011

There are five of us going to Honduras on this trip.  Charly and John will go down early to spend a few days in Tegucigalpa as indicated below and Eric will Join us on Saturday and Jim and Barbara Hermanson on Sunday.  We will spend our time in the Comayagua are will be joined for part of the time by Roberto Contreras, the successful Honduras business man and owner of Power Chicken and Noe Vega a Honduras Lawyer.  This will be the first time we have teamed up with Honduran Professionals.

Sep 20-21: Houston and Tegucigalpa

John and Charly will leave on the evening of Sep 20, overnight in Houston and then fly to Tegucigalpa the next day.  Pray for a safe flight and a good nights rest.

Thurs, Sep 22– The National University in Tegucigalpa. 

10-12 AM Give a talk to Engineering Professors on “Developing World Changing Leaders.”  4-6 PM Give a similar talk “Developing Business Leaders,” to students in the Business School. Plan to talk to the Dean of the business school for the first time as well.   Pray for this very important time to energize the engineering school and the building of new relationships with the business school.

Fri, Sep 23

10:30-11 AM.  Meeting at the Armed Forces Command in Tegucigalpa in the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to discuss the activities of Professionals to the World and make plans for the teaching of Values and Principles in all of the Armed Forces. This is is a very important meeting set up by General (Ret) Rodolf Interiano the former Chief of Staff of the Honduran Army.  Pray for a good time and a commitment to follow through on this important teaching. 

Sat, Sep 24

Erik Valenzuela arrives at 11AM and will we then travel together to Comayagua for the rest of the day.  Pray for a safe flight for Erik and a safe trip to Comayagua in a rental car.

Sun, Sep 25

Erik will be speaking at a church in the morning and another in the evening on the importance of the teaching of values in the churches.  Jim and Barb arrive in Tegucigalpa and then will travel by bus to join the rest of us in Comayagua. Pray for Erik’s preaching in the churches that he will be able to motivate and energize them to become disciples and people of character.  Also pray for a safe flight for Jim and Barb and a safe and uneventful bus ride to join us in Comayagua. 

Mon, Sep 26

Roberto will have 6 classes during the day to 5 different Institutes and Universities.  Eric will have meetings with pastors.  The rest of us may have meeting in Siguatepeque.  Pray for Roberto’s presentations.  He is a real example of what a Honduran can become.  Pray that he will impact the students in a major way.  Pray for the building of relationships among the pastors for Eric.  Pray the Lord will work out this day for the rest of us.  

Tues, Sep 27

Jim will give talk on ‘The Philosophy of Education” at the Polivalente Institute.  Barb will teach 2, 4 hour classes on ‘Expository Writing,’ at the national university.  Pray for a good response for Jim’s talk at the institute.  This is a new school for us and is part of the bringing together of all of the schools of higher education in the area.  Pray the students will really take hold of Barb’s teaching and will use it to improve their very needed writing skills. Pray for Erik’s time with pastors. 

Wed, Sep 28

Noe will have 5 classes to 5 different schools on ‘Techniques of Public Speaking.’  John and Charly will have two talks on ‘The Business Leader,’ one at the national university and the other at the Air Force Academy.  Pray that this teaching will be effective and a help to the students as well as a motivator in their lives. Pray for the opportunity to get to know Noe well and the development of ideas for the future in San Pedro Sula where he lives.  Pray for Erik’s time with pastors 

Thur, Sep 29

Noe will have 3 talks at 2 schools and Barb will have 3 classes at 2 schools. John and Charly will have 6 talks at 2 schools.  Pray for good contact with the students and the motivation to learn and to do what is right with their lives.  Pray for energy and the building of relationships.  Pray for Erik’s time with pastors.

Fri, Sep 30

Barb will have one class and Jim will have one talk with all of the professors at CURC.  Pray for a good end to Barb’s teaching and that Jim will make an impact on the professors with his teaching of ‘The Philosophy of Education.’ We will spend the night in Comayagua.  Pray that we will be able to have a good idea of the future of our work in this community where there is so much promise.  Pray there will be a commitment to sell the rest of our books and to finish the new Center of Integral Formation on their campus.  Pray for Erik’s time with pastors.

Sat, Oct 1 

Return to Tegucigalpa and some time with Mike Miller and his streets kids if they are available.  Pray for a safe return to Teguce and a great time of sharing and relaxing on this final day in the country. 

Sun, Oct 2

Return flight to US at noon to Houston and then on to the US where we arrive at DIA at 7:30 PM.  Thank the Lord for a great trip, the accomplishments of many things, lives that have been impacted and the He would get all of the glory.

John Potts