Values and Principles

Values and Principles that Can Change the World addresses the value system needed for a society to excel and grow, filling the gap left in most educational systems by teaching the principles that make for successful individuals. The goal of the book is the development of character. The values and principles presented here are not new, but have been transforming lives and societies for generations.

The book was originally written as a textbook for teaching ethics in the national universities of Honduras, Central America. The Cuban engineer who translated the book into Spanish commented: This is not a textbook. It's too interesting. One of the university professors who taught the book had this to say: This study of values has impacted my life as a wife, mother, daughter, friend and teacher. Although we are now teaching the book to our students a second time, we find something new each day. Filled with true stories of lives that were changed by following right principles such as honesty, fairness, hard work, competence, etc., Values and Principles has prompted radical changes of behavior in many readers. The book is easy to read and both students and teachers will be surprised at the impact it will have on their lives.

You can read the book simply for enjoyment, as it is easy to read the many stories of people who have practiced right principles. It is also great reading for people who want to improve their character and seek greater success in life, work, business and family.