Professionals to the World Update – November 30, 2010

On November 18 Jose wrote that the Honduran newspaper, “La Prensa,” printed an announcement by the Minister of Security for Honduras. The government signed an agreement to teach Values and Principles to all the police. This is an amazing milestone, one more step in reaching the organizations and people who have the power to change the country. 

I also received another message from Jose, saying that the agreement to finish the new Center of Integral Formation was finally approved by the committee that governs the national university system! The vote was 24 to 12 in favor of proceeding. Jose says, “There are always those against us, but this was excellent because the majority support the agreement and most of the other universities want their own CFI on their campuses. We are in the middle of great changes.”

The director of the university in Comayagua would like to restart construction immediately, of course, but we don’t have the funds to do so. We will probably continue the building a stage at a time as we have the money, and are hoping these funds will come from the sale of our book within the next few months, but as we have discovered, the money comes in slowly, and we have many expenses holding training seminars. 

Thanks to your generous donations and the sale of about 50 of our books here in Colorado, we are close to our end of year goal. In our last newsletter we were in need of $3990 to finish the year in the black. That figure has been reduced to $2340.  

Any donation you are able to send will be greatly appreciated and as always, we are grateful for your interest and involvement, knowing that the work we are doing is changing a country and many lives as well.


John Potts