Trip Report - September 2014

March 22 - Met with Dr Herrero, the director (president) of the university in San Pedro Sula. We had a pleasant time getting acquainted. We talked mainly about the values program and how to get it started. He called in a psychologist and another man who was responsible for connecting the university with the community. (vinculación) They were very committed to make something happen. At the end, Arnulfo had set up a meeting with them to train some of their teachers and to form a values committee. They have a test program for the medical school with 50 students to emphasize v&p in their lives.

March 23 Good classes in CFIl, lunch with Oscar and others. In the afternoon, went to grade schools where I got to speak to the teachers and they were excited to see the teaching in their school. Several wanted to buy books which we didn’t have with us. This is opening a whole new door. Charly’s book should be key to them because it can be used to teach the grade school kids at different levels. This was the Ebenezer Institute where they have students from 12-18. It’s basically a middle school. Arnulfo also set dates to meet with them and initiate the values program in their school.

March 24 Martin’s talk went well although there was a problem with getting the key to the CFI.

Meeting with the VR. Very committed to what we are doing. Dr Malta was there and is also committed to what we are doing and what they are contributing. They made the teaching of v&p mandatory although there are parts that might be voluntary. This may take a little time but it is going to happen. Dr Malta told me that with the VR’s support, the program with be greatly accelerated. Dr Malta is in charge of the Essential program and clearly is looking to us for help.

We clearly have a green light to make things happen. It will be a process but it is going to happen. The VR, Rutillia Calderon, also told us that they have the technology to connect all of the universities together so that a conference in Comayagua can be shown in all of the universities. They also have their own TV stations. They don’t have a radio station but should be a help to get on the air. This is not so clear. They basically said that anything we want to do, any conference we have to present, we can do it and they have the professionals to make it happen especially in the TV area.

The meeting with the Dean and engineering didn’t happen. He was involved with the Consejo and Jeffrey Alvarado was sick with thrombosis, a serious illness.

Met with the business school. Arnulfo set up training appointments with them. Rafael also said he has a high school buddy who is the head of the police.

Joel picked up Mike at the airport and they worked out some of the details of their differences. We will need to have a meeting with all parties later.

John Potts